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March 3, 2013
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You stick your hand in, curious on what you'll pull out. You feel something interesting and grab it. It was a

Good Luck Knot!

You finger the soft, red silk when Prussia pushes you towards the closet. 

"Let me find him, wait here." he says, slamming the door shut. You puff your cheeks out and slide to the floor, playing with the lucky knot. Suddenly, the door swings open, spooking you and causing you to pull too hard on the knot and untie it. You hear someone else stumble into the closet and fall near where your feet were. 

"Seven minutes!" Prussia shouts as the door clicks shut again. 

"Are you alright?" you ask, moving to help the man, silk rope 

"Oh, my knot!" he gasps, taking the rope gingerly. You blush, leaning back into your spot on the wall.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to..." you murmur. 

He sighs, "It's fine, aru, I'm China. Who are you?"

"Uh... (Y/n). Pleasure to meet you." you stick your hand out to shake. Even though I already know you... you think, having seen the old country at meetings, admiring from afar.

"I feel like I've seen you before." he says, taking your hand and shaking it.

"N-no..." you quickly snatch your hand away.

"Liar." he whispers, moving so that he was straddling you and holding your wrists to the wall, "You're that girl who always looks at me." China smirks at your blush. "I want you to know," he leans towards your neck, "that I'm looking at you too, (Y/n), and," he wraps your arms around his neck and then holds your back, "I don't like to waste time." 

You try to object as he crashes his lips into yours, your hands flying from behind him to push his chest but he's stronger than he looks. Finally, you give in to your crush, placing your arms back behind his neck, fingering his ponytail as he kissed you. 

"China," you say in between kisses, "I need to breath."

"You have a nose." he grunts, feeling a bit lightheaded himself. You pull his hair back so that he had to give you space and he gasps, hearing the elastic holding his hair back snap. You watch as his dark hair flies loose and you twine it into your fingers.

"You'll pay for that." he chuckles. Just as he leans in to attack you with kisses, the door is flung open by an all too ecstatic Prussian. 

"China!" he laughs, "You look like a girl!" You frown as China blushes, embarrassed.

"If he looks like a girl then..." you scold the pale man, "Than I must be lesbian!" You ignore the gasp that follows as you feverishly kiss the old nation. As you pull away, China is blushing for a completely different reason than before. 

"Thank you, aru." he whispers, leaning his head on your shoulder, wrapping an arm snugly around your hips.

"Any time." you murmur back as you both wander through the party, together. 

Well, that was fun!
Intro: [link]

Blah, blah, I own nothing but the story, blah.
38/100 (Yes, I'm still at this 100 deviations thing. Sort of. So, no 150 party. Sorry!)
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Haha, thank you! I'm glad you like it!
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