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October 5, 2012
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the Sleeping Sunflower
Russia X Reader
Request for nadeshikofan
Story by lilacgiraffe
         You winced as your head hit the wall of lockers behind you but you still managed to smirk up at the red eyes with your own flashing (e/c) eyes. You placed a leg between his.
         "Do you really want to do this again, Gilbert?" You sigh.
         "Ah-ah," He replied with a shake of his head. "You can't fight me, remember? Even in self-defense," He recited from the rule book that you had to memorize, "A second offence will result in expulsion from Gakuen Hetalia. And you just punched me yesterday." He grinned like a devil at your widened eyes. "You can't do anything to me." Gilbert whispered into your ear. You shuddered and squeezed your eyes shut. You couldn't get expelled; you had spent all you had to get in.
         "Please, you don't have to do this to me. There are plenty of girls who like you." You plead, tears starting to run down your face. You winced as the albino kissed your neck.
         "But, ______, I don't like them." He said huskily. "You know," He murmured, rubbing his hand under your uniform skirt just below your butt. "I like you so submissive." You shivered and tried to pull away, your (h/c) hair falling in your face as you pushed his rough hands away. You took off running towards your car, fumbling with your keys, trying to open the door. You looked back and saw him running angrily after.
         "Please, leave me alone!" You screamed at him before you got your doors open. Too late, though. Gilbert slammed the door shut before you could get in and pinned you between him and the car. You rested your forehead on the cool metal roof of the car as silent tears slid down your face. No one was around and your car was parked far from the road, no one would see you.
         Gilbert grabbed your keys and unlocked the back door, throwing you in and then climbing in on top of you. Before you could escape, he locked the doors and placed the keys into his pants that had a growing bulge in them. You had accepted defeat as he started unbuttoning your shirt and pulling it off. He rubbed your breasts through the cloth as you whimpered, squirming under his rough grip. 'Please,' you thought, 'someone help me.'
         Suddenly, your prayers were answered as you heard someone pulling the door by your head open as Gilbert was pulling your skirt off. The two strong hands then pulled you out of the car (and your skirt). Then, the hands turned you and you realized you were not saved. You stared at the Frenchman, (e/c) eyes wide in fear.
         "Onhonhon~" He snickered, looking your trembling body up and down as you tried to pull your shirt closer to you, "were you going to share?" Francis asked Gilbert, blue eyes clouded with lust.
         "No!" Gilbert said defensively, "No, I wasn't."
"Too bad~" He sang, pulling you closer into a rough kiss. You cried out as you felt another pair of hands lift you. You lower your head and put your hands up in a defensive position, fearing that the third in their group would be the one in front of you.
"What are you doing half naked, ______?" A Russian accent asked. You stared at the frightening man before a choked sob escaped your lips. He pulled you under his large coat and that's when you passed out. (a/n:I guess being so close to Ivan really scared you. Oh well, it couldn't be helped!)

When you awoke, you were in the back of a warm car and covered in blankets. You did a quick check and found that someone had given you a baggy shirt to sleep in. Inspecting further, you found your uniform folded on a dashboard that definitely wasn't yours. You couldn't think of where you might be. 'Did Francis...?' You thought. Quickly, you checked to see if your panties were intact and they were. 'No, thank God!' You breathed. Snuggling deeper into the cozy quilts around you, you pressed to another person. You squeaked in surprize as said person pulled you tightly to them.
"Shh, _____." A voice you recognized as Ivan's cooed, "They are still here out there, da?" He shifted so that you were on top of him and could peek out the window. Peering in were the faces of the Bad Touch Trio. Ivan rolled again so you were next to him before continuing. "They haven't left yet, I'm sorry I can't get you out of here but the were very intent on you staying. They removed the gas from my car." He sighed and you began to feel bad.
"I-I'm so s-s-sorry to have caused you all this trouble." You stammer, "Maybe I should get out." You reach for the handle only to be stopped by a large hand covering yours.
"You have very beautiful face while you sleep, da?" He asked sweetly, "You remind me of a  sunflower. My own little sunflower." He sighed before drifting off to sleep. You smiled softly at the man, sitting up and running your fingers through his beige hair. You quickly pecked him on the cheek before snuggling back into the bed of blankets.
"Thank you, Ivan." You murmured before falling back asleep, cuddling against the strong man. Maybe this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.
Yes, it's short. It's just a quick break from my IcelandXReader series. No, there will not be more of this. It was a request by :iconnadeshikofan:. I'm tired now. Goodnight! .
Hetalia : :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story : :iconlilacgiraffe:
You : :iconsexyprussia6plz: or :iconsexyrussiaplz:
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