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September 13, 2012
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PrussiaXReader 7 Minutes in Heaven (Alternate Ending for neko-neko-nyan and Hairbun503)

There was a loud thumping at your door and you woke with a start.
"Who the Hell is it?" You yell, checking you cell phone for the time. It was midnight exactly. There was a silence on the other side of your one room apartment door as you stared at it from your bed/couch.
"H-hello?" You whispered, frightened. Then one more loud bang. You flinched as the door caved in and three men burst into your room. You started to scream and run but it was too late. One had grabbed you and threw you over his shoulder. You started to beat on his back until you heard a familiar voice.
"Mon cher, please stop hitting me. You're much stronger than you look." A french accent says and you blink.
"Oui, as well as Gilbert and Toni!"
"Kesesesese~," Gilbert giggled from behind you. "_____, did we wake you or were you getting dressed?" He asked sweetly. You blushed and remembered that all you had on was a tank top and your frilly panties.
"Drop me. Now." You said, focusing all your energy into making a dark aura around you like Russia did so many times. Francis was all too happy to let you go. You walked over to where Gil and Toni were giggling about your attire and quickly slapped both of them. They stopped and looked at you, shocked, as you climbed back into your bed. "Go away." You told the trio.
"Nope!" Toni said in his cheery voice, apparently recovered from being hit. He threw a pair of shorts that were resting on the floor by your bed. "Put these on!" You glowered at the smiling face.
"Why?" You ask, stoic.
"Because, chica," Antonio slowly explained, as if to a child, "I am throwing a party tonight and everyone will be there!"
"Not me!" You shout and turn your back to Toni, burying yourself in blankets. You  were tensed until you heard footsteps leave your apartment and the door put back on it's hinges. You sighed a content sigh and snuggled closer to a warm spot on your bed.
"Kesesesese." You heard your bed giggle and jumped.
"NO!" You yell running out of your apartment and right into the arms of Francis. He picked you up bridal style and carried you towards the front to the building.
"I have her pants!" You heard Gil cry out, following behind.
You sat unhappily on the floor of Toni's living room with others who had been dragged here unwillingly.
"Maybe we can make a run for it." Roderich murmured.
"What did you say?" A voice can from behind. You groaned, knowing that Spain was behind there because he wanted to play a ridiculous game. "You want to play seven minutes in heaven, _______?" He shouted and soon enough, mostly everyone was there. You looked around.
"No..." You said warningly.
"To bad~!" Toni smiled. "You'll go first!" he tilted a hat with pieces of paper in it. You passed it back.
"Pick for me, I'll be waiting in the closet." You stood and walked towards the closet, grabbing a few pretzel sticks to gnaw on until seven minutes would be up. You closed the door and listened to what was going on outside.
The music was too loud to hear exact words but you heard a group gasp, a few cat calls and Francis onhonhonning.
You focused intently on the remaining pretzels in your hand and noticed that a good amount of them were eaten already. The door banged open and then slammed closed but you didn't see who went in but the closet was small. You could tell from the start that it was someone tall and strong. You stuck a pretzel in your mouth so it hung like a cigar and peered at the person. As your eyes adjusted you saw red eyes meeting your __(e/c)__ ones and a chomp on the other end of your pretzel. You knew this game and wouldn't let go. Neither would Gilbert. He started biting the pretzel and so did you. When your lips were about to touch you pinched his arm to make him gasp and let go.
"Cheater." He grumbled, rubbing his sore arm.
"Ya?" You said, leaning closer to him, trying to look intimidating.
"Ya." He did what you did except he did it in a more flirtatious way. You blew air in his face and turned so your back was to him.  
"You better find a way to entertain yourself for seven minutes because I'm not helping." You huffed.
"Really?" He asked in a cocky way. He grabbed you and turned you around, pinning you against the wall earning cat call and whistles. He leaned his head to my neck, "I think you will." He whispered. You resisted the urge to moan and instead push him against the facing wall.
"Then you're dead wrong." You whisper to him. He smirked as his hands snaked around you and lifted you up.
"You sure?" He asked, his lips barely an inch from yours.
"Y-yes." You hated yourself for that weak whisper that escaped your lips because now Prussia thought he had you. He turned and pressed you against the wall again as he held your butt, hoisting you higher up. He pressed his lips hard against yours and rubbed his tongue along your lower lip. You were fighting him but his hand snaked along the side of your body and you gasped, allowing him in. He grinned into the kiss and pressed you harder against the wall. You stopped trying to not enjoy and started to have fun, running your hands through his hair. He moaned softly with you and started to trail his kisses down your neck, along your collar, lower...
"Times up!" Toni shouted gleefully, throwing the door open, letting everyone see you pressed between Gilbert and the wall. Gilbert smirked that the gawking faces in the doorway. You quickly reacted by shoving Gilbert off of you but sometime during the kiss you wrapped your legs around him and you fell to the ground. Hard.
"Haha!" Toni giggled and closed the door again, "Ok, have fun!" With that, Gilbert was on top of you on the floor. You tucked your (h/c) behind your ear.
"Gil...?" You asked, timid, your (e/c) eyes staring into his deep red eyes.
"Hmm?" He asked, his face already buried into your neck.
"I love you." You said. He stopped. Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap! You screamed in your head.
"Ich... Ich liebe dich, ______" He stuttered, his voice muffled by your hair. You felt his face heat up.
"W-what?" You gasped. He grabbed your hands and leaned towards you.
"I love you." He frowned, studying your lips. You searched his eyes when he closed them and leaned into you about to kiss you again when-
"I lied!" Toni shouted. You both whipped your heads to see him standing in the doorway.
"Stupid!" Francis said, swatting him with a rolled up magazine. Alfred pulled the moaning Toni away but Francis still stood in the door.
"Close the door!" You and Gilbert shout.
"Onhonhon~ Ok~" He said and the door closed, leaving you two to try to regain your sight in the dark. You leaned to kiss Gilbert but he wasn't there.
"Gil?" You ask. It was a small closet, he had to be there.
"Look, Mein Frau, I caught a frog." He replied, holding Francis by his collar.
"I wanted to watch!" He whined. You giggled as Gilbert threw him out of the door and shouted.
"No more interruptions!" He yelled. He then sat next to you and pulled you onto his lap, rubbing your upper lip with his thumb. "Where were we?" He asked in a whisper.
"Right about here." You said, leaning to kiss him.
Here it is! The long awaited alternate ending of my PrussiaXReader! For :iconneko-neko-nyan: and :iconhairbun503:
Original here: [link]
Story by me
Hetalia by :iconhimaruyaplz:
You are :iconsexyprussiaplz:
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" "Look, Mein Frau, I caught a frog." He replied, holding Francis by his collar."
Hetalia Prussia (Laugh) France (Scared) [V2] 
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"I have her pants!" You heard Gil cry out, following behind.
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