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February 7, 2013
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Quick reminder, you're wearing a sweater, a tank top and underwear. Also, I still haven't seen RoTG... Sorry

Last Time

"Hello, (Y/n)," a menacing voice chuckled darkly, "I don't believe we've met." Suddenly, with a snap of fingers, fire surrounded the bed, trapping you and illuminating the other person in the room. His sunken eyes reflected the flames with a glint. "My name," he stepped through the fire without flinching and up to the bed where you were huddled in fear, "is Pitch."

'How could I let this happen?' Jack asked himself, holding a corner of your blanket to his face. A frozen tear slid down his face as Sandy patted his back.

Slowly, Jack straightened himself. "We have to get her."


"Wh-what do you want with me?" you ask, petrified.

"Well," he purrs, stepping closer, "I want you to be my queen."

"What?" gasping, you momentarily no longer feel fear and try to jump out of the bed, only to be stopped by shadowy restraints. Glaring, you struggle with the bonds.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," Pitch says, stilling your face with his hands. He leans close and you can feel darkness rolling off of him, "They tend to get angry."

'They?' you think, looking back at the bonds. You now see, through the shadows, that what was keeping you tied to the bed posts were snakes. As the flick their tongues at you, you scream, pulling with more strength than before. The pale man tisked, waving his hand. With that, the snakes were gone, replaced by normal chains.

"Why do you need a queen?" you yell, figuring that you may as well get some information.

He smiled wickedly, "Think about it, (Y/n)," he said, circling the bed you were on, "a king needs a queen to keep him in check."

"Then why me?" cringing as he jumped forward, almost on top of you.

"Because," he licked his lips, leaning closer to you, "I am the king of nightmares," he said proudly, staring at you lips, dangerously close, "you are a princess of light. Where you go, happiness is to follow." His smile reduced to a smirk as his dark eyes flicked back to yours, "Together," he whispered, placing one hand in your hair and using the other to balance himself over you, "we could rule..." he leaned in further, licking his lips, "everyone!"

Your (e/c) eyes widened as Pitch placed his lips over yours. His kiss, unlike Jack's, was overpowering. As you bit his lip, hoping to stop him, he moaned, kissing back with more power than before. You held back tears in your eyes as the man ran his hands under your sweater. He broke away and moved to your neck.

"Please," you cried, "just stop,"

"Promise," he murmured huskily, kissing your jaw.

"I-I promise," you whispered, "I promise to be your queen." you say a little louder. You feel him smirk against your skin.

He kissed you once more before staring into you (e/c) eyes, "Then, let's get started." he said, flipping so you were under him and holding you close, "Actually," he sighed into your hair, causing you to shiver, "that can wait..."


"Jack," North said slowly, "we don't even know where he took her..."

"I don't care!" he lashed out, ice coating the room.

"Jack..." Tooth whispered, "you're acting like him."

"I'm nothing like him! If you're not going to help me, I'll find her on my own." with that, Jack took off with a cold wind.


"He coming~" Pitch sang, awaking you from your uneasy sleep.

"Who's coming?" you groaned, rubbing your tired eyes.

"You'll see." kissing the back of your neck, he turns you so you're facing him, his eyes yellow from excitement. "Let's make him really mad, shall we?"

Before you could ask anymore questions he kissed you, rolling on top of you once more. You felt his frozen hands make their way up your sweater, taking his lips off of yours only to pull the sweater over your head. You shudder in the sudden over whelming cold.

"Pitch," you gasp between kisses, holding your now bare shoulders. "Pitch!" you say, more urgently now.

"What?" he asks, impatient from you holding him back.

"It's cold..." you say meekly, looking into his cat eyes.

He stared at you like you were a child. Suddenly, he lifts you and you squeal, clinging tightly to the tall man. You squeeze your eyes shut as he walks through the fire and he chuckles lightly.

"Where are we going?"

An evil smirk returns to his face as he walks with you in his arms. "We're going, my love," he looks at you for a second before facing front again, "to the throne room."

Hey guys! So, here's part six!
I know, this is getting weird! I'm sorry! Bear with me! I still haven't seen the movie!

If you're new to the party, here's the rest of the parts:
1: [link]
2: [link]
3: [link]
4: [link]
5: [link]

And some Bunny love:

Ok, now that that's that (always wanted to say that), this is the 11th story of 100! Yay!
This is going to take a long time. :iconsweatplz: Just 89 more!

Also, in case you haven't seen it yet, I have an ask blog for 2p!Fem!America, that's here: [link]

Oh, and next time, I'll be using the design for Dark Frost by :iconminomotu: You can see it here! [link] And look at their other art, it's all pretty great!
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