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December 8, 2012
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Jack Frost X Reader Part Two
Story by lilacgiraffe
Dammit... I hate doing this but... read the damn description.
On to the story!  

You push away from him, giggling, “Jack,” you twirl in the falling snow, “how did you do this?”

“I told you,” he laughs, “I’m Jack Frost.” You feel overwhelmed with a giddiness you hadn’t known since you were little. You spin through the snowflakes until you fall, overcome by dizziness. Jack thumps to the ground next to you.

“You look really funny right now.” he chuckles, brushing a stray hair from your face and tucking it behind your ear.

You beam at him, “I’m just really happy right now,” a pause as a particularly cold wind reminded you of the wet cloths sticking to you, “and wet and cold. I’m those things too.”

“Of course you are!” he chuckles, “Where do you live, I’ll walk you home.”

“I’m not telling you!” you giggle, “For all I know you’re a creepy stalker that will kill me when I’m alone!”

“I haven’t killed you yet!” he whines, feigning hurt.

“Yet being the key word in that sentence.” you tease, pushing yourself from the ground and starting out of the woods. Jack sits alone, drawing in the snow with his staff.

“Come on!” you call, causing him to start.

He jumps up, “On my way!” he shouts, chasing after you, laughing the whole way.
Time skip

“So,” Jack says, staring at your door, “you live here?”

“No, I just decided to have a key to this house.” you roll your eyes and open the door. Stepping inside, you take your jacket off and notice that Jack was turning away, a sad smile on his face.

“Would you...” he turns to face you but you don’t notice because your staring at the dripping sleeves of your sweater, “would you like to come in? I have some cloths you can wear and I have a lot of different teas and-” you weren’t able to finish for the breath was knocked out of you by Jack, who rushed inside to hug you.

“No one has ever invited me inside before they always leave me in the snow where I belong.” he say and you feel his chin move on the top of your head. You realize, through the rushed words, that he was crying. You smile softly and guide his head to your shoulder, running your fingers through his white hair. You rub his back as he sobs, his body shaking. After a few minutes, his sobs are just sniffles. You hush him, tracing circles on his back when he pulled away a little, his face inches from yours.

“Thank you,” he breathed, staring at your lips and moving closer.

“You’re- you’re welcome” you stutter, watching his nearing lips.

“Ok,” you say loudly, pushing away so you could have space from his mouth, “as sad as that is, we’re making a huge mess.”

He laughs, “Way to ruin a moment.”

You blush and turn away, “What moment?” You find yourself inspecting the carpet in front of you. Thankfully, your door opened into your kitchen and that was tiled. “So, you stay here and I’ll come back with towels and clothes, I don’t want more footprints than I need in my house.”

“You want me to change in the kitchen?” Jack asks blandly.

“But my carpet!” you shout, throwing your hands in the air and spinning to see him unnervingly close to you.

“Let me help.” he says, smirking as his strong arms lift you bridal style. You gasp and wrap your arms around his neck. “Direct me,” he grins like a devil. You shake you head and sigh but lead him through the living room and to the staircase.

“Please be careful,” you groan, tightening your grip.

“Ya, ya,” he chuckles, jostling you and causing you to squeak. Slowly, he makes his way up the steps and you lead him into your bedroom. He shut to door behind you with his foot and stood just inside of the room with you in his arms.

“Jack,” you twist to look at him, “put me down.”

“As you wish!” he smirked and flung his arms out from under you. You scream, clinging to his neck for dear life as he laughs, placing his arms back under you and softly placing your feet on the ground.

You stomp your feet and turn away from him. Instead, you grab a fresh towel from your dresser and throw it at him, along with a pair of sweats. “Sorry, but that’s all I have.” you shrug, turning to face him again, “The bathroom is-” you were cut off by the sight of Jack peeling his jacket off to reveal his strong, bare chest.

“Why would I need a bathroom?” he asks, shaking off his pants from under the towel and grinning stupidly at you. You gasp and turn back around, blushing profusely. You begin searching your drawers and find a sweater that might fit. Again, you turned, but with your eyes averted.

"Here," you say, shoving the shirt into his hands and you felt him take it, chuckling as you turn to face your dresser again. After a bit of rustling, he cleared his throat.

"Better?" he asks expectantly and you turn to face him.

"Yes, thank you!" you beam at the handsome boy to hide your blush.

"Heh..." he smirks as you turn again to face your dresser.

"Now," you say, getting your pajamas out of your drawers, "go away! I have to change." With your free hand you make a swatting motion to emphasize your point.

"How about I just turn around?"  

Here it is. Finally. Sorry it took so long, but I'm sick and over-whelmed with school work. Hopefully, I can get a few stories done today and I'll just post those later. To those of you who are just now joining the party, you can catch up here==>> [link]
And don't worry, there will be a part three!
Anyhow, I'm going to discontinue my HetaliaXCountry!Reader because it isn't very popular and I have a lot on my plate right now but if you still want me to keep writing it you can tell me and I'll figure it out. I'm just trying to make my schedule less hectic. If you haven't read it and would like to you can see it here ==>> [link] and tell me what you think.
If you liked this story, I suggest you read my sister/editor's reader insert if you haven't already. That's right here ==>> [link]
If you like my writing style than check out my gallery! I also would appreciate if you can donate because I would like to have a membership so I can do more on dA. Ok, hope you had fun reading this. Bye!
Part three!! ==>>
Jack Frost (c) Dreamworks
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