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December 16, 2012
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Jack Frost X Reader Part Two
Story by lilacgiraffe
You guys know the drill; read the discription. There’s important stuff for you guys there! Including prizes!  

“How about I just turn around?”

His words rattle in your head and you blush.

“Well, um-” you spun around to face him, shivering at how suddenly he moved closer. You could feel the cold coming off of him. Suddenly, the words you had thought out were gone. Your arms hung limply at your sides as the good looking boy stepped even closer, the tight sweater you gave him allowing you to see his light muscles ripple softly. He smirked and wrapped his arms around you, speaking into your hair.

“I can leave but I just thought,” he toyed with the ends of your (h/c) hair, “you might need my help.”

Again, you shiver as his frosted breath glides through the air and onto your skin. Your (e/c) eyes widen and you twist away. When you get out of his grip, you begin backing up and feel your dresser press against your butt.

“I... I think I can handle dressing myself. Thanks anyway.” you mutter, tripping over your words. Jack frowns for a second, just a second, before his smirk returns.

“Suit yourself!” he waves, strutting out of your room. You release the stale air that you had trapped in anticipation and again turned to face your drawers. You quickly pick up the clothes you had put on the dresser for yourself. After placing your dry clothes on your plush bed, you began to peel off your drying jeans. You cringe and a cool wind bites at your now bare and damp legs, sending prickled flesh in its path. You rush to tear off your top and pull your bra off without unhooking it. You then look around to double check that Jack hadn’t come back.

He had.

You muffle a scream with your hand as you notice that he’s just staring patiently at the door. You spin to face away from him as you quickly and quietly slip out of your cold underwear and into the warm and dry pair that you pulled out earlier.  

You settled them onto your hips and pull your tank top on (it’s not like you were going to sleep in a bra). You drape a large, thick sweater over your head and begin looking for your pajama pants. They weren’t where you had left them.

“I like you better without them.” Jack chuckles, holding out you pants with one arm. You blush and tug your sweater down.

“Jack!” you scold, “Give those back to me!” While holding your sweater down with one hand, you make a swat at your pants.

He swings his arm away and steps close to you again, this time holding the pants far over his head. You try to lift one arm up but it’s stopped by the sweater.

You glare at the boy, “You ass!”

“Come on, (Y/n), you can either hold your sweater down and go pantless or you can let go and try to get them back.” he chuckled as you again try to swat at it with one hand down. After a few minutes of this, your legs were getting cold. You glare coldly into the already cold eyes as you release your sweater. You throw your arms up to grab the pants but now they’re gone from Jack’s hands, as well as the hand.

In one fluid motion, Jack had wrapped an arm around the now bare skin above your panties and flung the pajama pants aside, using his now free hand to wander under your sweater on your back. His cool fingers leave a trail of goose-flesh and you try to push him away.

"Hey," he whispers huskily as he presses his palm between your shoulder blades, "don't you like me?"

And then everything happened too fast. A crash as your bedroom door was thrown open and the shouts of Jack and others that you didn't recognize. And a puff of gold. Then, you were asleep.

Here it is. Finally. There will be part four. Also, next week is the last week of school until break so expect more then!
Yes, I know it's short. I promise that I will write a longer one later. Maybe...
To those of you who are just now joining the party, you can catch up here==>> [link]
And part two ==>> [link]
If you liked this story, I suggest you read my sister/editor's reader insert if you haven't already. That's right here ==>> [link]
If you like my writing style than check out my gallery! I also would appreciate if you can donate because I would like to have a membership so I can do more on dA. Ok, hope you had fun reading this. Bye!

Jack Frost (c) Dreamworks
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