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December 9, 2012
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carry on... :)

...the reader works in a bar, but she get's punched up and they save her!
Bad Touch Trio X Reader
Story by lilacgiraffe
Request by kalliatkuan

“Last call!” you shouted from behind the counter. Suddenly, people rushed to the bar top, wanting to get one last drink in before they were kicked out. You finished serving all the drinks and closed the tabs of all the customers. You sighed and brushed a (h/c) hair out of your face with your wrist as you washed the empty glasses that were behind the counter. Looking around, you huffed.

“Where the hell is the rest of the staff?” you thought, stepping from behind the counter to collect empty glasses. As you leaned over to wipe down a table, a hand smacked your butt. You turned, angry. “Oi, Mister,” you shouted at the drunk, “you can look but you can’t touch! Got it?” The man stood, wavering only slightly though he was very drunk and revealed himself to be several heads tall than you.

He bent to get a better look at you, “No, I don’t think I do. Run that by me again?”

You tilted your chin up and eyed the tall man, angry spark in your eyes, “Of course, I’ll tell you again because you appear to be stupid.” you didn’t falter, even when the offender’s equally tall friends stood, their chairs scraping against the wood flooring, “I said ‘don’t touch me’ which roughly translates to ‘fuck off’.” You grinned in triumph as the group of men huffily walked out of the bar.

You continued to clean the tables that had been left unattended. Thankfully, it had been a slow night and you didn’t have a lot to do. As you finished up and began walking back to the bar you checked your phone. “Oh, look,” you grumbled under your breath, “a text message from the bitch who left early.” Your (e/c) eyes widened in disbelief as you read the message.

‘it was prity emty @ the br so i told evrybdy 2 go hm. hope u dnt mnd. luv ya! ;*’

“Are you kidding me?” You shouted, shoving your phone in your pocket. “Alright,” you breathed, trying to calm down, “I’m okay.” You looked around the bar, there were only a few people left milking their last drinks. You waited until there was only one man left, an albino man who was still very much sober. You watched as he looked at his phone in shock. He rubbed his face with his free hand and slammed his head onto the table. “Yo,” you poked him causing the man to groan, “hey,” you poke him again, “wake up,” but before you can poke him again, he snatched your wrist and lifted his head.

“Poke me again and I promise to kill you as slowly as possible.” he growled, causing you to smirk and poke him again. His red eyes narrowed and you pointed to the door.

“We’re closed, get out.” you said, unamused.

He put his head back on the table. “Whatever, my friends are coming to pick me up any minute n-” he wasn’t given the chance to finish because just then, a blonde and a brunette walked into a bar.

“Gilbert! Mon ami!” the blonde exclaimed, “Why are you all alone on this night when you could have been with us?”

“Because you two suck.” he said, standing. “Tschus!” (Bye!) he shouted and walked out of the bar. His friends only hesitated for a moment to look at you before following ‘Gilbert’.

You walked behind the bar again and finished cleaning back there before going around the tables and cleaning those up too. As you cleaned, you reviewed your day. “You know what?” you said to picture of the Irishman that founded the bar, “I woke up this morning and thought it was going to be a good day. I didn’t have any classes,” you continued, scrubbing a table, “I slept until noon, went to the diner for breakfast, came home and took a long bath and even took time to get ready today but as soon as I get here and I have to wear this ridiculous outfit,” you raise your voice, gesturing to the ‘traditional’ bar keepers uniform and pulled down the short brown skirt that hardly covered your butt. You adjusted your breasts in the fluffy white top and shoved the sleeves over your shoulders, again. You finished cleaning, muttering to yourself about how your life is terrible and wanted to quit.

You walked into the locker room in the back to change. You pulled out your jeans and tank top. After putting them on, you inspected yourself. “It’s missing something...” you thought as you slipped on your boots, “Oh!” you shouted, coming to a realization and began your search through the lost and found. Yes, you did that a lot because you don’t really have the money for new cloths. Finally, you found it. An over sized, flannel shirt. You threw it on, not bothering to button it and grabbed your purse before strutting out.

“Damn, it’s cold out,” you mutter, gritting your teeth against the damp wind that was blowing against you. You pull your shirt against you and duck into an alley way, hoping to escape the harsh wind for a while.

"Well," a voice growled, "look what the wind blew in boys." There were a few dark chuckles as you forced your (e/c) eyes to adjust to the darkness around you.

"Sweet heart," you bristled as you felt their bodies move closer, studying your tight jeans and low cut tank top, "as much as I want to fuck your brains out," you gulped dryly as he whispered in your ear, "I don't have a condom. Do you boys?" he raised his voice and you heard 'no's in response, "And I don't want to get you pregnant so let's keep this simple," he shoved you into a goon that was behind you who wrapped his arms around you, keeping you still, "money." It wasn't a question.

You laugh bitterly, "Sorry love," you smirk at him, "fresh out. Come back tomorrow."

"Wrong answer," he warned before throwing his fist into your sensitive stomach, "try again."  

You coughed and tasted a metallic tang of blood, "Please come back tomorrow?"

Another punch, this time to the face. "Watch your tone with me," you heard a maniacal 'click' and a cold blade was pressed to your face, "you're in no position to screw around." he lowered the knife and grinned. "Now, third times the charm, try again."

"Sorry," you spat and grinned with blood speckled teeth, "that's all I got." They threw you to the ground and started kicking, calling you a 'bitch' and a 'stupid whore'. You covered your face and neck and waited to go numb.

As a ringing started in your ears, you heard another voice. "Oi!" a familiar voice shouted, "the Hell is going on here?"

"Just bugger off, man!" one of the thugs called back. You heard a dark chuckle, suddenly much closer than it had been.

"I don't think so." another voice that you didn't recognize said lightly, his Spanish accent making it seem like he was teasing. Screams. A evil sounding laugh. Pounding feet. And that damn ringing sound in your ears. You shook your head to clear the noise but it persisted. Then, a pair of strong arms were lifting you up. You struggled as much as you could manage but your muscles were sore.

"Calm down, chica." the voice holding you cooed.

"You'll be alright." a french accent added as you drifted to sleep.

As Antonio placed you on Francis' plush bed, you whimpered softly and balled your knees under your chin. Carefully, Francis straightened you out and began pulling your jeans.

"Mein Gott!" (My God) Gilbert gasped, "What the Hell are you doing?"

"Do you have any idea how uncomfortable these are?" Francis whispered back, tugging the jeans off and pulling the blanked under your chin. "Bonne nuit" (Good night) he whispered to your bruised form, kissing away a tear.

Gilbert smiled softly and your sleeping face and Francis left the room to sleep in a guest room. He rubbed his thumb along your jawline. "Süße Träume." (Sweet dreams) he muttered as he left the bedside to leave for his own house.

"Espero que tu sanes pronto." (Heal soon) Toni whispered, tucking a stray hair behind your ear before, also, leaving to go home to his 'children'.

Request by :iconkalliatkuan:
Sorry it took so long! I've been really busy... :iocnsweatdropplz:
I did spend a lot of time writing this (lies!) and I tried to make this semi-realistic (more lies!) but it is Hetalia so, what can you do?
All translations were by Google!
My editor, :iconvengefulamber: (who I mention more than I should), was no help during this because she sucks! :icongrowlplz:
Also, I just past 50 watchers so I will be doing 5 free requests to the first five people in the comments, a request for my first watcher, :iconokamitatsuya:, and my 50th watcher, :iconshadowneko22:.
Everyone have a happy holidays! Also, I won't be posting until next week (Winter break!) but I should be posting once a week after that! Bye everyone and thanks for putting up with me for a little over three months! I hope to see all of you when I get to 100 watchers!

EDIT! Thanks to :icondawnkitty: for helping with the German!
EDIT 2! Thank you :iconchippymonkey: for the help with the Spanish!
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